14771148146_74efd22ab6_hHi I’m Martin and I run my small business web site design services, from my office in Cheddar, Somerset, UK. Using WordPress’s content management system (CMS) and e-commerce software, my emphasis is on clear navigation, usable and uncomplicated design, with every effort made to ensure a good natural search engine position over time and to keep costs as low as possible. I operate through my own limited company, Kay Initiatives Ltd.

My services include web site and blog maintenance, monitoring customers’ web site security, web content management, hosting, email provision, and setting up of discussion forums and other add-on features where required. I still maintain a number of HTML sites as well as creating web shops with Prestashop, and WordPress sites.  For some clients I also manage a Google Adwords campaign, Twitter or Facebook pages, and carry out search engine optimisation work. Click here to find out more about my background.

New small business web sites

If you are looking to set up a first web site for a small business I can create a starter web site for a £165 set-up cost, plus two years’ domain name registration and maintenance (£80), the first year’s web hosting (£155), and initial set-up, design, and filling out of the content for up to 10 pages. This would be a web site you can then maintain yourself by logging in to the site in any browser. I would show you how to do that as part of the set-up. Using popular site frameworks like WordPress means your site adapts well to smaller screens and tablets, is fully portable to any host and can be supported by any one of thousands of international web services providers. You wouldn’t be locked in to any support contract or stuck with some bespoke web site that is hard to maintain.

Web site hosting

I provide web hosting and also domain name services for my customers, so you have a one-stop shop for anything to do with your web site. I can set up domain-based email accounts for you, or redirect your domain email to a BT Internet, Microsoft or other email address you may already use.

Webmaster tools

For those customers who require it, I can also keep on top of their site’s relationship to Google. This used to be just about getting good search engine visibility (and still is) but also now involves a lot of work around effective keyword usage, setting up Google Places and Google Plus accounts correctly, being a registered Google Author, managing Google Adwords settings and keeping abreast of any issues in the Google Webmaster Tools area (where issues around accessibility and visibility of sites are reported) that need attention.

iSomerset Business Directory


If you are looking to set up an internet store I can help with this, using off-the-shelf e-commerce psackages such as WP-Commerce (for WordPress sites) or more comprehensive applications such as Prestashop. Because I run sideline e-commerce businesses of my own, I can not only install an e-commerce site but also advise on everyday store management matters such as shipping, stock control and tax settings.

Social media services

I also provide some services to small businesses looking to get to grips with Twitter and Facebook, so if you would like some help with developing your social media profile, hop over to my Somerset Social Media web site. In my Twitter feed (see margin) I also tweet information related to the internet and latest technology that may be of interest to my customers, as well as keeping people informed of my own news.

Cheddar Village

9RutrVfN_400x400Since 2004 I have created and maintained the local web site Cheddar Village providing local news and information to tourists and residents, and supporting local initiatives in our community of around 5000 people. Many of my clients are local to the village and thus also benefit from some valuable “link juice” from the Cheddar web site.

Across 2014-15 I have been working on a new version of the local Parish Council web site – I’ve described the project in a bit more detail here – it’s a good example of an exercise in updating an old site and adding in some of the latest widgets and other features.