About me

I have been “on the net” since the mid-90s, initially working as a COBOL programmer. After this I moved into company intranets, process documentation and ISO9000 Quality Assurance. This business has been running since 1995, and has customers from all parts of the UK but these days I am mainly doing web sites for people based around the West Country and have been since 2001.  Most of my sites are created using WordPress, and steer clear of using advanced tools and techniques that might require the web site owner to have specialist technical knowledge. These days I also help people to use Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and many other social media sites and apps.

Away from web sites I am a keen board game player, and I also do volunteer driving for NHS and social care passengers.

Natural, naturist, Taoist, minimalist

Natural design and flow

I look to create web site designs that fit with my personal philosophies of working towards a more minimalist, “keep it simple” approach to life. Using the same concept as  “The Naked Chef” but for web sites, I use the simplest approach possible  without over-complicating or over-engineering things. Below are some examples of the many types and topics of web site I have created and/or maintained over the years:

Art, music and crafts

Photographic consultancy

Glamour photographer



Landscape photographer

Garden designer

Opera singer

Everyday services

Car servicing

Security and alarms


Estate agent

Private investigator

Pest controller

Dog grooming

Dating agency

Community portal

Building and Technical

Engineering services

Acoustics consultant

Health and safety

Glazing contractor

Building contractors

Paving contractors

Solar panel fitter

Sporting and equestrian

Golf trainer

Horse bedding retailer

Racing tips service

Health and well-being




Massage services


Grain-free diet blog

Mindfulness counsellor

Alternative lifestyles

Healing therapist

Healthfood store

Naturist philosophy

Taoist / tantra philosophy

Tipi hire


Haulage firm

Taxi services


Marketing consultant

Business coach

Healthcare consultant

Trade show organisers

Insurance consultant

Property consultant

Dredging consultancy

Business troubleshooter

Food safety consultant

Hospitality and catering

Bed and breakfast

Caravan park




Holiday cottages


Gîtes in France

Shopping and lifestyle

Water filter retailer

Herbal retailer

Fancy dress retailer

Local food magazine

Hardware store


Toy retailer

Hobby clubs

Scouts group

I concentrate on designs that are easy to maintain and with a natural flow to the content. Clubs and associations, campsites, pubs and B&Bs, alternative therapists and holistic healers, small shops, consultancies, trainers, healthcare providers, artisans, and other small-scale traders or home-based businesses who need web sites that they can maintain themselves, are all typical sites you will have found in my portfolio over the years. I’m patient in explaining site maintenance and it’s no problem to move as slowly as you need.

In the past, some new business was directed to me via the now-defunct Business Link and I still have connections with their former business improvement consultants. I receive many requests for “first” web sites, for companies that are looking to e-commerce stores to enhance an existing bricks-and-mortar venture, or to tie their web site in with existing printed literature and corporate identity. Clients will often ask me to take input from their own copywriters or graphic designers and I’m more than happy to do that. I also provide fair and impartial advice on all web-related matters, including email configuration, blogging, social networking and Google marketing, to fully support your web presence.

Cheap or free web sites

It is possible to get web hosting very cheap or even free these days, usually based around Google site templates, blogging platforms like Blogger, or special starter packages put together by hosting companies. These are OK as far as they go, and if you only want a basic site of a page or two then they are worth a look. But in my experience I have picked up several customers who started out with such a package and quickly realised its limitations. Although cheap, those packages are usually limited on features, or space, or bandwidth, the look and feel of the site is sometimes not very customisable, and they often don’t feature very well in Google rankings. In terms of a cheap “managed” service, what I offer customers is full-on business-spec web space with someone friendly on the end of the phone you can talk to, who can help you through the technicalities and jargon, at a very reasonable cost.