Cheddar village web site

Something I’ve been doing since back in 2004 is maintaining a village web site for Cheddar, which provides some information for visitors, business listings, and a community noticeboard amongst other things. You can find it at It’s non-profit making and income from ads pays for its upkeep and web hosting. I also look after a number of web sites for local small businesses, but one thing I hadn’t done (till today) was run a Facebook ad for matters of “politics or national importance” as they call it… a somewhat grandiose term for parish council elections! Getting authorisation to do this from Facebook Towers is like pulling teeth, but I think it’s done now, so a few local people may now see an ad for this page in their FB feeds – my version of a leaflet through the letterbox. Hopefully this will create awareness of the forthcoming election, and the sort of work that I and other councillors do.