Highways snagging list

This wonky road sign is one of several in Cheddar that have been bashed and crumpled by the huge lorries that come through here. It’s been left like this for a very long time and it looks like nobody cares. The siting of this one is also particularly poor as it blocks the visibility of The Bath Arms sign too. Since I’ve been chairing the Highways and Open Spaces committee, we’ve been running a “Highways snagging list” and all these signs are on it, along with many other issues such as worn road markings, lack of dropped kerbs, narrow pavements, and many more. Some fellow councillors say, what’s the point of keeping a list, they’ll never get fixed. My point is that eventually, an opportunity may present itself via a government roads funding pot or money from new developments, and we need to have a shopping list ready. Meantime, rest assured, we do keep badgering Somerset Highways, and stuff does get done… slowly… for example the Tweentown roundabout markings have recently reappeared after many months of the Parish Council asking for them to be repainted.

There are other issues such as Saxon Place that would be good to get sorted, although that is private land, it would be nice to be able to sort out the entrance area, surfacing, and parking for customers. And also the regular flooding at the entrance to the tip and leisure centre, after heavy rain. If you have any Highways issues you’d like added to the list, please drop a note to the Clerk via the council web site.