Parking problems

With holiday traffic about to descend upon Cheddar, many residents and visitors may welcome the news that the Highways and Open Spaces Committee has been working closely with Somerset Highways to try and find a resolution to parking problems in the lower gorge. This photo was taken in May, well after the yellow line parking restrictions came into force, and show them being completely ignored along by the island beds, causing traffic mayhem for cars and coaches. We think we now have a solution, which Highways should be implementing within the next couple of months.

This came out of a visit of mine to Dunster, where I saw that they do offer limited free parking for an hour in the town square. I think that when it comes to the tea room and gift shop market, Cheddar and Dunster could reasonably be said to be competitors for the visitor pound, and so it seemed unfair that there was no free on street parking here. So we consulted gorge traders and worked with Highways to come up with plans for some daytime 1 hr free spaces all year round in stretches of road that are wide enough, and double-yellowing the narrow and winding sections. Hopefully this will encourage people to stop for a cream tea or to browse gift shops, ease congestion, and give a boost to the local economy.