Here are the most common prices I am asked for, please get in touch for details of items not covered here. Everything is clearly itemised on Quickbooks invoices so you know the costs incurred. Quick 5-10 minute site updates to sites I host are done free of charge. As a small business I operate below the VAT threshold so there is no VAT to add to these prices.

Web designs and web space

Priced “per-page”, plus a set-up fee. A “page” is equivalent to a page of A4 text and graphics, although large amounts of scanning or coding (e.g. Javascript), animations or slideshows, and software licences are charged extra. Simple WordPress sites start from £295 with up to 10 brochure pages initially populated. Costs for e-commerce sites will be higher, so budget for an additional £200-400 if you need help configuring shopping carts, sorting out product layouts, tax and shipping settings and all that sort of thing. It’s very rare for costs for a design to go over £1000, mainly because I just concentrate on smaller-scale sites and I would direct you to a full-blown design house for more complex projects.

Hosting starts from 200MB of web space managed on your behalf by myself, for £240 per annum payable in advance (£175 for non-Wordpress sites). Along with the technical framework required for WordPress hosting, this also includes:

  • a fully managed service for regular WordPress updates throughout the year
  • a managed WordFence Firewall, and where necessary, a Premium WordFence installation to provide full protection against site intrusion
  • web stats access via
  • 12 months’ email support for sorting out any tricky problems you are having with themes, widgets, file uploads, lost passwords and such like (more complicated problems might require a remote desktop session, see below)

If you are comparing prices against other hosting providers, be sure you are comparing apples with apples – “WordPress Hosting Packages” usually only include the basic web space, database and scripting facilities needed to run WordPress, not these other services, which you are expected to provide yourself.

Domain name registration, hosting and administration

A two-yearly fee of £90 covers everything to do with your domain name, from finding a suitable one (if required), registering it through the appropriate authority, hosting it and setting up the email routing (including basic spam filtering), and troubleshooting any domain-related problems as we go along, to acting as your domain administrator for ICANN or Nominet matters.

Payment for the above can be made via this site .

Other items

Small adwords campaigns (<=£1000 monthly budget) and search engine optimisation

£80 setup fee, and then a management fee which works out to about 30% of your monthly Google Adwords budget, plus your Google fee payment, the invoice for which must be settled in the following month for the campaign to continue.

Web site statistics

Simple stats for referrals, popular pages, keywords used to find you, etc., based on the rolling last 500 hits to your site can be set up free of charge.

Maintenance and site visits

Site support sessions and maintenance work is currently £37.50 per hour. But small site updates, quick email and phone support for clients (unless otherwise advised) are all free. There is no premium rate number to call and I am always obtainable should you have any problems with your site, either by phone, email, or on Twitter.

Remote desktop / Skype or FaceTime support

If you need help with your WordPress site or anything else web-site related that I can have a look at over the web by connecting directly to your computer, these sessions are £37.50 per hour (to nearest quarter hour).

Finally, if you are shopping around other web designers and decide to go elsewhere, do check that you are getting someone who knows what they are doing, not a college student, inexperienced franchise operator or front-person for an overseas design outsource outfit; make sure they can spell (seriously!); and make sure they provide contact details where they can be emailed or phoned, even out of hours; you never know when your web site could go down or your computer could crash or become infected – you could need urgent assistance at any time. Web design is a competitive market and some people operate so-called “turnkey” or part-time operations with little technical knowledge or experience of web design and the mechanics behind it.

All work is carried out in accordance with these terms.