Saving our heritage phone box

 Back in 2017 the Parish Council were offered the chance to buy the soon-to-be-decommissioned classic phone box in Tweentown from BT, for a quid. This offer came to a Highways and Open Spaces committee meeting, where it was decided to decline it as we did not see an immediate use for it, and because of councillor concerns over it becoming a money pit through becoming vandalised.

I was disappointed by this decision as I felt it would be a shame to lose this piece of iconic British street scenery, so after the meeting I contacted Bridget Hemmings of CHAFF to explore its potential use as a miniature art gallery. The council had already worked with CHAFF in establishing the willow sheep display on the island beds at the bottom of the gorge. After I gained approval from councillors to revisit our earlier decision, Bridget came to a subsequent meeting to explain how CHAFF could use it and look after it, and the rest is history.

You can now see the phone box’s ever-changing art displays at the corner of Tweentown and Lower North Street, and one of my favourites was this “stained glass” display from February, seen best after dark, which made use of the box’s interior lighting. There is a new display in it now, ahead of the Cheddar Arts Fringe Festival weekend which starts on 4th May.