WordPress help via Remote Desktop control

wordpress supportBecause of the popularity of WordPress and its place as a default web design tool in the services of many UK hosting and internet service providers, these days I regularly provide remote WordPress help and support for people who are using it to create and maintain their own web sites using the self-hosted (wordpress.org) version. If you can master the intricacies of WordPress it’s a very powerful and cost-effective way to manage your web site or blog, but it’s also quite easy to accidentally delete a bit of important code and see your pages fall apart before your eyes. I don’t do training seminars, but if you have hit a problem with your WordPress site please get in touch. Anything such as a widget or plugin that’s misbehaving, perhaps you are struggling with Yoast SEO, e-commerce plugins or themes, or you can’t get the sidebars or page styles to behave the way you want, etc.   I can also help with services around site promotion and analytics such as Google My Business and Webmaster Tools.

Before getting in touch for WordPress help – do try:

  • disabling any plugins you recently installed, which might resolve the problem
  • seeing if your host has a backup of your site from last night, which they can restore
  • Googling the issue you are having (particularly looking for any support discussion forums related to the theme or plugins you are using).

The answer might already be out there.

If your site is hosted on the wordpress.com domain (e.g. mywebsite.wordpress.com), this is a more restricted version of WordPress with lower levels of functionality. For help with these web sites or blogs, your best first point of contact is their own support service, support.wordpress.com.

Also please note that for problems related to secure (SSL) hosting your first port of call should be to your web host’s technical support team in case there is a configuration issue they need to resolve.

Remote-desktop-based WordPress help

If you are in the Cheddar (Somerset) area you can come to me (cheapest) or I can travel to your premises, and work with you to unravel the problem you have encountered. However for most customers these days, a Zoom or Microsoft Teams call (via a tablet or phone) with a remote desktop control session is the preferred option. It means we can have audio and video running with “hands free” for typing into WordPress on a laptop or desktop computer, without landline call costs. With Remote Desktop control, I can also provide WordPress support by driving your computer from my desk, so you can see the click actions needed happening before your eyes. You can book a session via the contact form on this site, paid for in advance and available in half-hourly slots.

About Remote Support

My Remote Support service is most usually called on for WordPress assistance but it can be used for many other purposes including social media support, email configuration and more. It lets me see what you can see on your screen. I’ll let you know what you need to do to allow me to connect, when you contact me.

Please arrange your WordPress help session beforehand via phone or email, and also sort out your payment. Existing web site customers will usually be covered by billing arrangements already in place.