Small business e-commerce sites

agm_shotThese days many people are setting up their own e-commerce business, often based from home, and this is an area I have a great deal of experience in, not only setting up small e-commerce sites but also running my own web stores as well.

An e-commerce operation divides squarely into two parts; site creation (software licensing, design, layout, SSL certificates, network and so on), and shop management (adding products, changing prices, processing orders etc.). The former is what I would do for you, the latter is what you do on a day-to-day basis. However, and unusually amongst web designers, I also run my own WooCommerce web shop, while I have also set up sites using other services such as  Mals-E,  Get Shopped, Shopify, Prestashop and the legacy product Actinic Sellerdeck.

So as well as being able to set up your site, being an e-shopkeeper myself I can also share my experiences of everyday operation. Google feed generation, order process automation and tax and shipping options often take someone who has some hands-on experience to know how to use them.

If you are setting up your first e-commerce operation a store supported by Kaywebs offers a pretty comprehensive service; the only other elements you need to sort out yourself are things like sourcing your product inventory, storage, and insurance. Phone or email for more information.

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