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Tube map template feedback

In January 2013 I received some correspondence from a Tube Map template user, USA-based Tom Beatty, which was a nice surprise and very unexpected. It turns out that my idea for using Beck’s Tube Map design as a basis for laying out process diagrams all those years ago has been well received!

Mr. Kay,

Almost a decade ago – I came across your brilliant tube map template for PowerPoint. Over the years I have made a number of maps using it – and have presented slides to many audiences. I always begin the presentation with giving you credit specifically as the real Innovator behind the concept! Anyway – I would like to share with you a number of slides that I have done over the years – It is the least I can do to give back.

Attached are a few of the slides I have put together in recent years using your template!   As I said – I always give credit to you as a preamble (as a writer / science person, I never take credit that I haven’t earned).  The Tube Map concept never fails to get responses like “that’s Cool” or “A great way to display the information”.

I personally believe that if you present Complex Concepts in a visual medium and context that people have successfully used to navigate in the past – they are able to digest and understand the information much easier.   Your maps are successful for precisely that reason.

You may find it satisfying to know that slides based on your template have been presented in places all over the US and Europe – and have been particularly useful to scientists and medical researchers in at least 3 cases.  I think you really ought to know that your innovation has certainly been used and has brought positive value to many people!

Thanks for your brilliance,

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