Web site maintenance

One of the biggest challenges facing any blog or web site owner is that of keeping the site fresh and keeping people’s interest. Over time, site popularity on search engines will wane if you don’t change it from time to time. I offer maintenance services tailored to meet your requirements, and would recommend using a content management solution like WordPress so you can make alterations yourself.

Copy editing and proofreading

Part of my work involves checking written copy sent to me by clients for use on their web site, and this can also be provided as a stand-alone service depending on other workload. Copy editing typically involves correction of spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and clarifying or reformatting the text before publishing the site. Proofreading of documents such as PDFs which will be attached to a site, which may or may not have already been copy-edited, and/or which may subsequently be turned into print, can also be carried out.

Bandwidth monitoring

A recent development in the area of web hosting has been issues surrounding bandwidth usage. Hosting companies are making sure that businesses whose sites make the greatest use of their resources in terms of data transfer, foot the bill. This is done through assigning monthly bandwidth limits to hosting accounts. If you have a really busy site, or do lots of large file transfers, or send and receive lots of emails with large file attachments, these can push you over the bandwidth limit and lead to excess fees. There is scope within my own hosting framework for up to 3GB of data transfer on a web site account each month which is normally plenty.

However part of what I do for my customers is to monitor bandwidth usage to spot unauthorised bandwidth usage. A typical example recently experienced was where Google had indexed an image from a customer’s web site. Funny or sexy images are popular search targets from Google image searches, so they then get massively downloaded from people hotlinking to the image (not visiting the customer’s web site but just fetching the image thousands and thousands of times). Also recently someone created a Facebook app which again pulled content (without authorisation) from a customer’s web page. Another client’s email account was compromised and used to send out a large volume of spam email. All of these show up as spikes in bandwidth usage and for all my clients I keep tabs on such situations and take necessary actions to stop this leeching of their site’s bandwidth.

IT support

I can also advise on general internet, Windows, email, spam combat, VOIP telephone and other computer-related matters. I keep up to date with all the current IT and web issues and latest virus problems. If you need some advice about protecting your computer and files, are having problems logging in to your email, or maybe have received a possible hoax email or scam domain registration letter in the post, I can sort things out for my customers at no extra charge.

I’m not a hardware or networking expert but can certainly propose some solutions regarding problems you may be experiencing. If it turns out you need the heavy artillery, I generally pass all requests for a “man with a screwdriver” – computer repairs, parts, networking, software, security and other IT needs – to Peter Holmes at Wedmore IT – and for a fully-managed service, try PC Dial. Tell them I sent you.

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